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International Conference-School

Dynamics, Bifurcations and Chaos 2018 (DBC V)

16 – 20 July, 2018

University Conference Center

Nizhny Novgorod University

Gagarina 23, Corp. 1,

New library building (NLB), floor 4


PROGRAM (preliminary)

Nizhny Novgorod -2017



Monday, July 16


9-00 – 9-45 Registration (NLB, Conference Hall)

9-45 – 10-00 Opening (NLB, Conference Hall)


Chairman S. Gonchenko (NLB, Conference Hall)

10-00 – 10-45 L. Lerman, V. Grines  “Nonautonomous vector fields on S3 with simple dynamics and complicated topology”

10-45 – 11-15 Coffee-break

11-15 – 12-00 A. Rodrigues “Dynamics near a periodically forced robust heteroclinic cycle”

12-00 – 12-45 O. Pochinka “On obstructions to the existence of a simple arc connecting the multidimensional Morse-Smale diffeomorphisms”


12-45 – 14-30 Lunch

Chairman A. Morozov (NLB, Conference Hall)

14-30 – 15-15 A. Shilnikov, Course “Mathematical neuroscience”, Lecture 1

15-15 – 16-00 S. Maksimenko, Course “Kolmogorov-Sinai entropy”, Lecture 1


16-00 – 16-30 Coffee-break


Chairman A. Kazakov (NLB, Conference Hall)

16-30-17-00 M. Malkin "Estimates on chain recurrent sets for high-dimensional polynomial maps"

17-00-17-30 M. Gonchenko “On local and global aspects of the 1:4 resonance in the conservative cubic Henon maps”

17-30-17-50 O. Kostromina “On resonances and homoclinic bifurcations in asymmetric pendulum type equation”

17-50-18-10 A. Kazakov, A. Kozlov “On asymmetric Lorenz attractors of three-dimensional systems”



Tuesday, July 17


Chairman D. Turaev (NLB, Conference Hall)

10-00 - 10-45 T. Vadivasova “Synchronization of chimera structures in a multilayer network of discrete maps with unidirectional interaction between layers”


10-45 – 11-15 Coffee-break

11-15 - 12-00 W. Govaerts "Software MatCont: Applications and recent Advances"

12-00 - 12-30 I. Kashchenko “Behavior of solutions of spatially distributed delay logistic equation”

12-30-13-00 T. Gurina “Homoclinic chaos in the oscillatory system of motion of a plate in a liquid”


13-00 – 14-30 Lunch

Chairman L. Lerman (NLB, Conference Hall)

14-30 – 15-15 A. Shilnikov, Course “Mathematical neuroscience”, Lecture 2

15-15 – 16-00 S. Maksimenko, Course “Kolmogorov-Sinai entropy”, Lecture 2

16-00 – 16-30 Coffee-break


Section: Bifurcations and strange attractors (NLB, Conference Hall)

Chairman M. Gonchenko

Section: Application of dynamical systems (NLB, Exhibitory room)

Chairman A. Rassadin

16-30-16-50  A. Prugger, J. Rademacher “Stability and nonlinear waves in damped driven rotating shallow water models” 

16-50-17-10  S. Zaitseva  “Bifurcations and stochastic dynamics in the allosteric model”

17-10-17-30 E. Rybalova  “Solitary state chimera: Appearance and synchronization of the new chimera state”

17-30-17-50  L. Siemer  “Existence and Stability of Inhomogeneous Domain Walls in Landau-Lifschitz-Gilbert Equations with Spin-Torque”

17-50-18-10  E. Grines, A. Kazakov,

G. Osipov, I. Sataev, "Chaotic attractors in low-dimensional systems of globally coupled identical phase oscillators"



16-30-16-50  A. Rassadin, A. Stepanov, L. Fomin “Peculiarities of evolution of regularized fractal shapes on surface of solid state in the vicinity of gradient catastrophe” 

16.50-17-10 I. Rakut “Generator of periodic signals for analogous modeling of dynamical systems”

17-10 – 17-30 E. Alekseeva, A. Rassadin   “Applications of the Kolmogorov type inequalities to solution of one functional-differential equation” 

17-30 – 17-50   A. Tronov  “Curvature and torsion of phase trajectories of the Rikitake system”


17-50-18-10 TBA 

Wednesday, July 18


Day devoted to the 75-anniversary of V.N. Belykh


Chairman G. Osipov (NLB, Conference Hall)

10-00 – 11-00 V. Belykh  “Study of phase pictures, bifurcations and synchronization without computer aid”

11-00 – 11-30 Coffee-break

11-30 – 12-15  I. Belykh, R. Jeter R., M. Porfiri “Windows of opportunity for stochastic networks of coupled maps”

12-15 – 12-45 A. Morozov, K. Morozov  “On quasiperiodic perturbation of self-oscillation systems” 


12-45 – 14-30 Lunch

Chairman  I. Belykh  (NLB, Conference Hall)

14-30 – 15-15  V. Klinshov, V. Nekorkin “Destabilization of regular spiking in networks of pulse delay coupled oscillators”

15-15 – 16-00  G. Osipov “Transient and periodic spatiotemporal structures in a reaction-diffusion mechanical system”


16-00 – 16-30 Lunch


Section Session “Dynamics of living systems”

Chairman  A. Shilnikov (NLB, Conference Hall)


16-30-17-00  Korotkov A., Kazakov O., Levanova T., Osipov G. “The dynamics of ensemble of neuron-like elements with excitatory couplings”

17-00-17-30  S. Makovkin,  M. Ivanchenko, A. Zaikin  “Desynchronization in model neuron-glial multiplex networks”

17-30-18-00  E. Slepukhina   “Stochastic dynamics near the blue sky catastrophe bifurcation in neuron model”


19.00 -...     Banquet


Thursday, July 19


Chairman A. Rodrigues (NLB, Conference Hall)

10-00 – 10-45 T. Lazaro  “Singularly embedded solitons in a fifth order KdV model”

10-45 – 11-15 Coffee-break

11-15 – 12-00 S. Glyzin “Multidimensional Hyperbolic Annulus Principle”

12-00 – 12-30  L. Glebsky  “Dynamics of modular exponent and the Higman group”

12-30 – 13-00  I. Sysoev  “Modeling and identification of large ensembles of neurooscillators from vector time series”


13-00 – 14-30 Lunch


Chairman S. Glyzin (NLB, Conference Hall)

14-30 – 15-15 S. Maksimenko, Course “Kolmogorov-Sinai entropy”, Lecture 3

15-15 – 16-00 A. Shilnikov, Course  “Mathematical neuroscience”, Lecture 3


16-00 16-30 Coffee-break


Section Session “Dynamics of living systems”  + Posters

Chairman  A. Gonchenko   (NLB, Conference Hall)


16-30-17-00  M. Kulakov “On spatialtemporal patterns in 2D model of two-aged populations coupled by migration”

17-00-17-30 D. Alacam “Modeling Sea Slug Swim Central Pattern Generators”

17-30-18-00  J. Scully “Dynamical tools for CPG modelling featuring Dendronotus Iris”


Poster session:

1)  P. Arinushkin “Analysis of synchronous operation modes of coupled oscillators of power grids”

2) Yu. Bakhanova “On the appearance of Shilnikov attractors in one chemical model”

3) N. Barabash “Singular-hyperbolic and quasi-strange attractors in a multidimensional piecewise linear Lorenz-like system”

4) M. Bolotov “ Simple and complex chimera states in a nonlinearly coupled oscillatory medium”

5) D. Bolshakov  “Hardware neuron model: excitation and bursting”

6) E. Bubnova “ Homogeneous states in the system of nonidentical phase oscillators”

7) T.Dragunov “On quasi-periodic perturbations of Duffing - Van der Pol equation”

8) A. Ghamam  “On bifurcations of maps of the cylinder with a cubic function of rotation”

9) A. Kalyakulina “Synchronization of neuroglial networks induced by extracellular factors”

10) I. Korenkov “On the wild spiral attractor in 4-dimensional Shimizu-Morioka model”

11) I. Korneev  “Features of synchronization of periodic self-sustained oscillators interacting through the memristive conductivity”

12) A.Korotkov “Spiral attractors as the root of a new type of bursting activity in the Rosenzweig-MacArthur model”

13) T. Levanova “The impact of electrical couplings on the sequential bursting activity in the ensemble of inhibitory coupled Van der Pol elements”

14) T. Medvedeva “Using the complex network of neuron oscillators for modeling an absence epilepsia”

15) E. Morozova “Dynamics of periodically spiking neurons in response to inhibitory periodic stimulation”

16) E. Nozdrinova “On existence of a smooth arc without bifurcations joining source-sink diffeomorphisms on 2-sphere”

17) E. Samylina “Chaotic dynamics and multistability in the nonholonomic model of Celtic stone”

18) E. Shiryaeva “Discrete spiral attractors of three-dimensional generalized  Henon maps”

19) A. Shyhmamedov “On homoclinic bifurcations leading to the appearance and break-down of Henon-like attractors”

20) L. Smirnov “ Rotational dynamics in the ensemble of three coupled pendulums” 



Friday, July 20


Chairman M. Malkin (NLB, Conference Hall)

10-00 - 10-45 S. Zelik  “TBA” 

10-45 – 11-15 Coffee-break

11-15 - 11-45 I. Remizov "Formula for solution of multidimensional diffusion-type equation"

11-45 - 12-15 A. Kostyanko   “TBA”

12-15 – 12-40  J. Yang, J. Rademacher  “Spectra, stability and energy estimates for reaction subdiffusion equations”

12-40 – 13-00  A. Kolinichenko “Spatiotemporal self-organization in stochastic Brusselator”


13-00 – 14-30 Lunch


Chairman  S. Gonchenko (NLB, Conference Hall)


14.30-15-00 G.Astrakharchik  "Two-ball billiard predicts digits of the number PI in non-integer numerical bases"

15-00-15-30  A. Clarke, D. Turaev “Arnold diffusion in multidimensional convex billiards”

15-30-16-00  C. Bick “Oscillator Networks: Collective Dynamics through Generalized Interactions”


16-00 – 16-30 Coffee-break and closing

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