Selected Presentations

Selected Presentations

Vadim S. Anishchenko. "Chimera State Realization in Chaotic Systems. The Role of Hyperbolicity"

Andres Mauricio Lopez Barragan. "Finiteness and existence of attractors and repellers on sectional hyperbolic sets"

Pr. Vassian Biragov, Ludmila Kusnetsova Ph.D. "Invariants of orthodox paschalion"

Amadeu Delshams. "Diffusion through non-transverse heteroclinic chains: A long-time instability for the NLS"

N. V. Derendyaev. "About laws of conservation in the dynamics of fluid"

L.S.Efremova. "Concept of Stability as a Whole of a Family of Fibers Maps for C1-Smooth Skew Products and Its Generalization"

Lev Glebsky. "Equations over groups and approximation of groups."

Gonchenko A. "Variety of strange pseudohyperbolic attractors in three-dimensional generalized H'enon maps"

S.V. Gonchenko. "Reversible Mixed Dynamics"

V. Grines. "On interrelation between dynamics and topology of ambient manifold"

Alexey Kazakov. "On chaotic dynamics in the nonholonomic Suslov model"

Mikhail Khavinson, Alexey Kolobov, Matvey Kulakov. "Modeling of the employed population numberr nonlinear dynamiics: the agentt-based apprroach"

Kostromina O.S. "Towards homoclinic bifurcations and complex dynamics in the system with a “figure-eight” of a saddle"

V. Kruglov. "Hyperbolic chaos in model systems with ring geometry"

Kulakov Matvey. "Clustering in the coupled Ricker population model"

Mikhail Khavinson, Matvey Kulakov. "Nonlinear dynamics of the number of different age specialists"

Sergey P. Kuznetsov. "Parametric generators of chaos"

A.D. Morozov, K.E. Morozov. "On transitory systems"

Alexander Neiman. "Stochastic dynamics of peripheral sensory hair cells"

O. Pochinka. "On topological classification of the structural stable dynamical systems"

Olga Podvigina. "Two-parameter bifurcation study of the regularized long-wave equation"

A. A. Potapov, A. E. Rassadin. "Plane waves, Lie groups and Feynman integrals"

A. A. Potapov, A. E. Rassadin. "Feynmanons in gravitational waves in fluid"

Mikhail Kharlamov, Pavel Ryabov,Alexander Savushkin. "Bifurcations of first integrals in the Kowalevski-Sokolov case"

D.V. Savin. "Experimental study of transition to the robust chaos in the Kuznetsov generator"

Semikov S.A. "Nekrasov equation and nonlinear waves on a liquid surface"

Kushal Shah. "Fermi acceleration in billiards with holes"

Ivan Shilin. "Lyapunov unstable Milnor attractors"

Andrey Shilnikov. "Symbolic QUEST into Homoclinic Chaos"

Armen Shirikyan. "Global stabilisation for damped–driven conservation laws"

A.V. Slepnev, T.E. Vadivasova, V.S. Anishchenko. "Chimera States in an Ensemble of Non-Locally Coupled Anishchenko – Astakhov Self-Sustained Oscillators"

Turaev. "Heterodimensional Cycles"

A. Vieiro. "Periodic forcing of a 2-dof Hamiltonian undergoing a Hamiltonian-Hopf bifurcation"

Igor Vlasenko. "New invariants of topological conjugacy of non-invertible inner mappings."

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